Easy to build (no internal adjustments required), nice sounding compressor
for bass and guitar.

The pedal utilizes the TDA7052A 1W BTL audio amplifier chip with volume control as VCA and phase splitter for the side chain.
Might be an interesting alternative to compressors based on obsolete CA3080 OTA.

Tadek the Compressor


  • Input Gain - use it to set the input gain according to the output signal of your intrument. Use lower settings for active electronics and humbuckers and higher gain for single coils. This knob controls also the compression threshold.
  • Compression - sets the compression ratio. A yellow LED diode is used to show the amount of compression (kind of gain reduction meter...).
  • Attack - controls the reaction time of the compressor. In practice, this knob controls the amount of transiets present in the compressed signal.
  • Level - output volume control.

Power requirements: 9V DC, 25mA max

Tadek the Compressor Tadek the Compressor Tadek the Compressor

Project files:

All design files, including schematic, PCB gerber filers, drill layout, BOM are in the linked below Github repository. Click "Download ZIP" to get all the files in one package.

TADEK 2.0 Design files ⇒ link to Github

Tadek the Compressor schematic


PCB is designed to fit into a typical 1590B enclosure. I  used Eddystone 27134PSLA box available at conrad.de.
The pots are mounted onto PCB on the bottom side. Use a piece of insulating material to avoid shorting the pads on pcb.

Tadek the Compressor PCB

Pot insulation Mounting the pots Tadek the Compressor


I still have a few of these fabbed pcb, contact me if you are interested in getting one.

Tadek the Compressor PCB

You can also etch one yourself. Here are the design files for the version I of the pedal (different drill layout!)

Demo videos / Sound Samples: