DSP program selector module using standard 1P8T rotary switch.

Spin Semi FV-1 is a great compact DSP solution for experimenting with various effects. It has 8 internally built in effects and another 8 "slots" for programs placed in external EEPROM memory.

FV1 Program Selector

Circuit utilizes the MOS4532 8 bit priority encoder to translate the output of a standard rotary 1 pole 8 position switch into a binary code which can be used to address the S0-S2 lines of the FV-1 DSP.

FV1 Program Selector schematic

The switch used here is made by CTR, product symbol: RS1611-18-FB15B7.0-00-G78, dimensions.

FV1 Program Selector FV1 Program Selector

Here is another version, using the binary coded BCK1001 switch, allows to use two sets of 8 programs stored in two 24LC32 EEPROM chips:

FV1 16 programs