... in Danish, or directly translated The Agnostic Fuzz is a new custom designed and build pedal and a result of cooperation with Danish film makers Wiredfly.
The Agnostic Chicken (Den Agnostiske Kylling) is a character created by the Wiredfly team. The chicken, because of his corpulence can't really move. Nevertheless, he can't complain about the lack of adventures and there's that bottle of cold beer always around... ;)
HEXE Agnostic Fuzz

The pedal itself is an attempt to reflect the Agnostic Chicken's character in a more musical manner. After some thinking we came to conclusion, that a fuzz pedal combined with vibrato will be a good choice. There are two main parts in this device:

  • Fuzz - based on russian NOS germanium transistors,
  • Vibrato - a new original design. The vibrato part is purely random, the speed is controlled using a random number generator and an onboard temperature sensor. The random numbers make the vibrato to speed up or slow down in an unpredictable manner, the temp sensor has its influence on the speed, too. On hot days the speed will be higher, on cold - on the contrary.

The pedal is equipped with four controls:

  • Sprut - "fuzziness",
  • Kvalme - random vibrato Depth, the vibrato modulation can be taken down and the pedal can work as a pure fuzz,
  • Delirium - output volume,
  • Tone - placed on the front side of the pedal.

Other features:

  • True bypass,
  • 9V DC power requirement, adapter or battery.

HEXE Agnostic Fuzz HEXE Agnostic Fuzz HEXE Agnostic Fuzz

Demo videos / Sound Samples: