Version II of the pedal

8 bit processing, previous model of the pedal.

HEXE BitCrusher II


  • Crush, a bit mess/digital distortion parameter,
  • Downsample, sets the sampling frequency, range from 32kHz (at zero) to 1kHz (at max),
  • Telephone, a bandpass (350Hz-3.5kHz) filter for ultra lo-fi sound,
  • Blend, dry/wet mix ratio knob,
  • Level, output volume regulator,
  • EXP In, expression pedal input (jack stereo),
  • EXP Pedal Assign, a switch, allows to assign the Crush or Downsample parameter to the expression pedal,
  • True Bypass.

HEXE BitCrusher II b_150_200_16777215_00_images_misc_photos_biterb4.jpg b_150_200_16777215_00_images_misc_photos_biterb2.jpg

Demo videos / Sound Samples:

HEXE BitCrusher II HEXE BitCrusher II HEXE BitCrusher II