3 channel parallel overdrive.

Those, who are familiar with the spicy and aromatic indian kitchen will probably know the meaning of the word "Masala". It's a mixture of spices, one of the main ingredients responsible for the typical taste. As a huge fan of indian cuisine and adherent of mixing different technologies
I decided to use this idea in the worls of guitar pedals.

HEXE Drive Masala

That's how the DriveMasala was born.

But how can we describe the "spice" in the guitar world? Well, we've got some similarities. Those,
i was focused on during the design stage are: dynamic response, reaction to picking nuances, which stays in opposite relation to the amount of overdrive and sound compression, amount of overtones and  sustain.

Thanks to the unconventional circuit DriveMasala offers the ability to blend your own mixture of sounds, leading probably to new sonic experiences, hardly found in most of the market overdrive stompboxes.

The biggest innovation is in the structure of overdrive generation. Instead of traditional Gain/Drive knob we have three knobs offering three different sounds that can be mixed in any proportions, just like when preparing the Masala. The differences between these three sounds are:

  • TASTE - tone control (two working modes),
  • TASTE MODE - switches between the tone regulator working modes: lowpass or combined lowpass/highpass filter,
  • GRIND - a switch that sets the lower band frequency response. Allows to match the lows with the guitar pickups and get the defined, not too muddy sound,
  • AMOUNT - output volume regulator.
HEXE Drive Masala

The pedal is equipped with TrueBypass and is powered with a standard 9VDC adapter.

Demo videos / Sound Samples: