New version: Melusine III


Guitar phonograph simulator

With the onboard Crackle/Dust generator, white noise source, cyclic treble lost and optional lowpass/bandpass filter stage the pedal delivers
a convincing sound of an old worn out vinyl record.
Besides it's main task the Melusine can be used
as a light vibrato and LFO modulated filter pedal.

HEXE Melusine II


  • Speed -  rotation speed, mimics the position of the pickup cartdridge on the vinyl record, stops the modulation when set to minimum,
  • Noise - adds two types of noise to teh signal,
  • Crackle/Dust - adds a random pops, clicks and scratches to the sound,
  • Filter - pans between the dry and filtered signal,
  • LP/BP - lowpass or bandpass filter type selector,
  • Level - output volume,
  • True Bypass, relay based, soft touch momentary footswitch,
  • Power: 9V DC 60mA, regulated adapter only, 5.5/2.1 center negative power jack.

HEXE Melusine II

Demo videos / Sound samples: