Orbiter Phase Shift pedal was born from the ashes of unknown Polyphase clone.

After improving some critical aspects the pedal got a lot of upgrades and modifications. The biggest upgrade was replacing the original Low Frequency Oscillator with a new one, giving the pedal some unusual listed below features.

Orbiter Phase Station


  • seven LFO waveforms, as 8th - Random mode,
  • Depth regulator,
  • Tap Tempo function (via external footswitch),
  • Expression Pedal input, the pedal can control the Rate, Depth or Sweep (works like phasing wah) parameters, plugging the pedal is automaticaly detected and the pedal takes control over the assigned parameter,
  • Insert point places just before the Envelope follower section,
  • Normal/Uni switch for different phasing sounds,
  • 4/6 Stages switch, sets the number of modulated phasing stages,
  • Phase/Vibrato switch,
  • GroundLift switch, for solving the ground loop problems,
  • True bypass,
  • additional LED indicators.

Orbiter Phase Station Orbiter Phase Station Orbiter Phase Station

Demo videos / Sound Samples: