... is a kind of special design, the graphics concept and the electronics inside have some common features. Selected russian germanium transistor gives that characteristic volume boost which can be set as Treble or Mid Boost.

PRL Booster

The best place for this pedal is in front of the guitar preamp where it works as volume boost and tone shaping device. It gives a lot of grit and makes the sound more tight and focused. PRL Booster is mainly a clean booster, it overdrives the signal only at high peaks giving a characteristic compression.

PRL Booster has internal regulated power adaptor, should be connected to 230V AC power line.


  • Volume knob,
  • switch Norma 100%/300% - switches between Treble and Mid boost,
  • True Bypass
  • Powering: direct from 230V AC (internal power supply),
  • There is a GroundLift switch inside the box. It separates the signal ground from the earth-line connected to metal box. Helps to break the ground loop (earth-signal gnd).