Version III

Classic / Auto Wah filter pedal

featuring two types of the filter: bandpass
or lowpass, auto and manual sweep modes and adjustable frequency range.


HEXE Roboduck III


  • Sensitivity,
  • Attack,
  • Frequency - allows to move up or down the range of the filter,
  • Resonance - filter peak,
  • Level - output volume,
  • filter type switch: LP (lowpass), BP (bandpass),
  • Static/Dyna switch -  Resonance parameter can be set with the knob or can be controlled by the envelope curve,
  • Up/Down - filter sweep direction.


  • ON-OFF - true bypass,
  • AUTO-MANUAL - switches between auto and manual wah mode.

Inputs and outputs:

  • IN - input signal jack, input impedance: 1MOhm,
  • OUT - output jack, impedance below 1kOhm.
  • EXP IN - expression pedal input, used in Manual mode as a classic wah,
  • DC9V - power input, DC9V 50mA, regulated adapter only, 5.5/2.1mm center negative plug.

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Demo videos / Sound Samples: