Custom designed modulation pedal aiming for typical 90's metal sounds.

Wolfshade chorus delivers a dark and warm chorus sounds and, as usually, some new unique features which make the pedal a versatile tool in musicians arsenal.

HEXE Wolfshade Chorus

From technical point of view the pedal is a combination of an analog BBD based chorus unit with a digitally generated modulation waveform. Additional "Howl" (Feedback) knob allows to produce a flanging effect, up to self oscillation. The output filter ("Tone" knob) affects the already mixed dry and wet (modulated) signals, this approach offers much a more wider sound spectrum than a typical filter placed in the "wet" signal path. The "Range" switch changes the BBD delay time range. Shorter times are better for flanging effects, longer delays are better suitable for choruses.


  • Speed - modulation speed,
  • Depth - modulation depth,
  • Tone - lowpass output filter,
  • Howl - feedback control for flanging and self oscillation effects,
  • Level - output volume.
HEXE Wolfshade Chorus

Other features:

  • True bypass,
  • 9V DC power requirement, regulated adapter only.

Demo videos / Sound Samples: