Compact bitcrusher pedal delivering
the most useful digitally distorted lo-fi sounds.

HEXE BitCrusher is a truly digital device and uses a low quality 12bit A/D and D/A conversion process to achieve it's unique sound.


HEXE BitCrusher III

In addition to real bitcrushing (messing up the digital sample) the pedal features a flexible and nice sounding downsampler with modulation option. Downsampling utlizes an aliasing effect to inject
a rich harmonic content into the signal.

Generally speaking, a bitcrusher is an example of creation though destruction process.
It downgrades the signal in a very musical fashion. If you ever heard an audiophile talking about his "system", what this pedal does is exactly the opposite.


  • 12bit digital signal path, instead of a classic bit reduction effect, the BCIII distorts the sample
    in a more unique, musical sounding way,
  • downsampling can be static, LFO modulated or externally controlled via the expression pedal input,
  • INPUT GAIN switch allows to match the input signal level and makes the pedal more versatile when working with different types of instruments,
  • thanks to the BLEND control, the pedal is very bass friendly!
  • the latest revision of the pedal has an internal Filter Type switch, allows to switch the TELEPHONE filter between a band pass (stock) or lowpass type (perhaps more useful when the pedal is used as a classic distortion),
  • reliable, long lasting relay based true bypass, the footswitches do not carry any audio signal.


  • CRUSH, bit mess/digital distortion parameter,
  • DOWNSAMPLE, sets the sampling frequency, range from 32kHz (at zero) to 1kHz (at max),
  • TELEPHONE, bandpass (350Hz-3.5kHz) filter for ultra lo-fi sound,
  • BLEND, dry/wet mix ratio knob,
  • LEVEL, output volume regulator,
  • EXP In, expression pedal input (jack stereo),
  • EXP Pedal Assign, switch, allows to assign the Crush, Downsample or both of them together to the expression pedal,
  • INPUT GAIN, settings: signle coil, humbucker, line level signal.
  • MODULATE, activates/deactivates the modulation mode for the DOWNSAMPLE parameter,
  • ON/OFF, true bypass footswitch,
  • internal FILTER TYPE switch, allows to choose the TELEPHONE filter response (bandpass or lowpass).

Technical info:
  • 12 bit processing,
  • 32k-1k sampling frequency,
  • 470k input impedance,
  • below 1k output impedance,
  • analog dry signal path,
  • 9V DC, 70mA power, regulated adapter only, DC5.5/2.1mm, center negative.
HEXE BitCrusher III

Demo videos/Sound samples: