Full featured stereo version
of the BitCrusher III pedal.

This pedal will make a perfect tool for hardware stereo bit crushing. Equipped with a rich set
of features and flexible external control options it could be easily incorporated into a recording studio enviroment.

HEXE BitCrusher III Studio

Main features:

  • Full stereo operation,
  • Max 12 bit resolution,
  • Sampling frequency range: 32kHz - 1kHz,
  • MIDI interface,
  • Relay based true bypass,
  • 9VDC 140mA power requirement, regulated adapter only (5.5/2.1mm, center negative).


  • CRUSH - bit mess/digital distortion parameter, four available algorithms,
  • DOWNSAMPLE - controls the sampling frequency,
  • TELEPHONE - bandpass (350Hz-3.5kHz) filter for ultra lo-fi sound,
  • BLEND - dry/wet mix ratio knob,
  • LEVEL - output volume regulator,
  • INPUT GAIN - three position input gain selector, use it to adjust the gain according to the signal source,
  • ON/OFF - bypass footswitch,
  • MODULATE - footswitch, activates the modulation mode. Used also to enter the EDIT mode (hold down for 2 sec).

External control inputs (for Crush, Downsample, Telephone and Blend):

  • EXP MODE - stereo jack input for expression pedal,
  • CV MODE - mono jack input, Control Voltage input accepts volateges in range of 0-10V, positive only,
  • MODE SWITCH - EXP/CV mode selector for each control input,
  • MIDI IN,
  • MIDI CHANNEL - internal rotary switch used to set the MIDI channel to which the pedal should respond, channel 16 = OMNI.

Modulation features:

  • Three separate LFOs for Downsample, Telephone and Blend parameters,
  • each LFO can be turned OFF by taking its speed to zero,
  • each LFO oscillates around the value set by manual (static) control,
  • the DEPTH parameter is automatic, reaching maximum when the knob is in middle position and zero when the knob is in maximum or minimum position.

Audio signal inputs and outputs:

  • Left/Mono input,
  • Right input,
  • Left output,
  • Right output.
HEXE BitCrusher III Studio Edition

Demo videos / Sound samples