Guitar phonograph simulator

Melusine will take your signal a few generations back, add a few layers of highly randomized crackles, noises, run it through a lo-fi tuned filter, lightly vibrate it to produce an convincing sound of an old worn out vinyl record.
In addition, the new 3rd generation of the pedal can generate an alternative on (needle drop) or off (needle skip/scratch) sound effect. This new feature is activated by holding down the bypass footswitch.

HEXE Melusine III

Apart from the main task, Melusine will find its use as a light vibrato/phaser pedal or a static lo-fi bandpass/lowpass filter.


  • Speed - rotation speed, mimics the position of the pickup cartdridge on the vinyl record, stops the modulation when set to minimum,
  • Noise - adds two types of noise to the signal,
  • Crackle/Dust - adds a random pops, clicks and scratches to the sound,
  • Filter - pans between the dry and filtered signal,
  • LP/BP - lowpass or bandpass filter type selector,
  • Level - output volume,
  • True Bypass, relay based, soft touch momentary footswitch,
  • Power: 9V DC 60mA, regulated adapter only, 5.5/2.1 center negative power jack.

Internal controls:

  • Dust Volume - controls the rhythmic scratchy sound added to the crackles,
  • ON-OFF Volume - needle drop and skip sound FX level (alterntate bypass feature).

Bypass footswitch:

  • Short click - classic instant on/off operation, relay based true bypass,
  • Long press - needle drop (Bypass->ON) or needle skip (ON->Bypass) FX. Going into bypass generates a needle skip effect and the audio signal is muted until the footswitch is used one more time. The status light flashes when the signal is muted.

HEXE Melusine III

Demo videos / Sound samples: