Welcome to my site dedicated to my two biggest passions: guitar and electronics.

All projects and built devices you will see on these pages are fruits of these two passions. This site is also a kind of design diary, you can see how my builds evolved through years.

I consider each new project as a challenge and really enjoy solving technical problems, achieving the goals and when that happens, pushung the design even further. I simply disagree with a common sentence that everything has been already invented and the history is is only spinning around. Guitar effects electronics area lays often beyond (or under) the "book" audio electronics, so there's still much to discover, especially with getting cheaper and common modern techniques, such as digital microprocessors. Personally i'm trying not to be devoted to one particular technique, i like to use the technologies that give me the best performance and features i need. There's a place for the tube and a place for the microprocessor.

Take the best from what they offer, combine them and use to create something new.
That would be my motto.

The site is split into a few categories:

  • Pedals - things that i build more or less regularly,
  • Lab - experimental, usually one off special designs,
  • Museum - things i have built in the past,
  • DIY - as the name implies, do it yourself project, pedals, amps, little useful gadgets etc.

Piotr Zapart